R&D Screening Technologies (PTY) LTD was formed to distribute, install and maintain Smiths Heimann products and services throughout the Southern African market. Smiths Heimann the world leading X-Ray manufacturer has over 50 years experience in X-Ray technologies, and its range of scanners cover from mail inspection to full size Cargo Containers (40 foot), fully automated X-Ray diffraction systems for positive identification of drugs and explosives, as well as food inspection for contamination and comparison test for missing items.

The company founders realized that there was a gap in the market and established the company to supply and provide services to address challenges brought by new security threats and globalization. The company’s services and solutions address security threats in different industries and markets. As globalization becomes the order of the day, organizations in Southern Africa and across the world have to be able to pro-actively anticipate threats and the ever-changing needs of not only the local markets, but also the international markets.

Smiths Heimann - the world's leading x-ray manufacturer has over 50 years' experience in x-ray technology


To provide leading X-Ray technologies and solutions of superior quality to our clients and across different industries.


To facilitate greater security, help minimise threats within organisations, airports and border posts while giving cost effective solutions.


The South African security market is one of the fastest changing environments in Africa and the western world. The local industry has been involved in a policy of isolation over the past. With the new political climate, new technology and the implementation of such technologies have become very important to the industry. The objective of applying new technologies is to support the business with the goal of being recognised as a major player in international markets.


South Africa, like most western countries has the same competitive environments that apply in Europe, Middle and Far East as well as in the USA. All major X-Ray suppliers are represented directly or by distribution arrangement in South Africa. The market is well aware of technology trends and its supply channels.

Competitive Advantage

The existing client base of R&D and its image as a supplier of leading edge technology allows R&D to enter the market with confidence.
New technology and products were introduced to the market such as:

Smiths Heimann B-SCAN, Low Dose Full Body X-Ray Scanner.
Smiths Detection:
Biological Agent Detection: Mail Sentry-screens
Chemical Agent Detection & TICs
Explosives Detection
Fuel Vapour Monitoring
Meteorulogical Measuring
Narcotics Detection

Our clients are mainly in the Government, Mining, Industrial, Financial and other market segments that are or have become very important to us. With a team of highly professional engineers and professionals in business, R&D has the advantage to adapt to changes in the market very easily and is therefore well placed to successfully distribute the whole product range across all business sectors.


18 - HQ: Longmeadow East, Edenvale, Gauteng Offices
2 - Western Cape Offices
2 - Kwa Zulu Natal Offices
2 - Eastern Cape Offices


It has always been R&D’s policy to be totally self-reliant and the company has never had to rely on technicians from its overseas suppliers for assistance. R&D’s technical personnel are trained at the various manufacturers on a regular basis and provide installation and maintenance support for direct overseas sales into Southern Africa. Because of our support to our suppliers, we have complete access to our supplier’s research and development facilities; we have been able to influence some aspects of their development with regards to special local requirements.

This close co-operation between R&D and its suppliers is of great benefit to our clients as it means direct communication, quicker response regarding service and maintenance problems, a single source of supply & spares compatibility across the range of different systems. R&D does not have to deal with the manufacturer via a separate marketing organization, we together with our supplier speak as one voice

With a team of highly professional engineers and professionals in business R&D has the advantage to adapt to changes in the market very easily


As a result of the unfortunate history of South Africa, the government has promulgated a law, which seeks to encourage companies in South Africa to have BEE partners. R&D Screening totally agrees and supports this initiative.

The company is a B-BBEE Level Seven Contributor verified by EMPOWERDEX Economic Empowerment Rating Agency. The company spends provides training to its black employees. Outside of work related training, we also support some of our black employees who are studying part time at university. We recently started an “Adopt a School” programme and have selected Olivers House in Benoni where we support underprivileged kids with their schooling needs.